A.J. Brown: Bad practice reports about Jalen Hurts are fake

Jalen Hurts‘ ability to take a step forward as a quarterback this year is one of the biggest storylines for the Eagles as they head toward training camp and a report indicating he’s on the wrong track caught the notice of wide receiver A.J. Brown. Brown went on Twitter with an apparent response to a […]


Genetics may affect pregnancy risk factors for offspring neurodevelopmental conditions

Maternal genetic liability to neurodevelopmental conditions is associated with several pregnancy-related factors previously thought to be associated with those conditions, according to a study published online July 6 in JAMA Psychiatry. Alexandra Havdahl, Ph.D., from the Lovisenberg Diaconal Hospital in Oslo, Norway, and colleagues recruited parents from June 1999 to December 2008 as part of […]


Russia to block sale of foreign banks’ Russian subsidiaries -Ifax cites finance ministry

Russia will block the sale of foreign banks’ Russian subsidiaries while Russian banks abroad cannot function normally, the Interfax news agency cited Deputy Finance Minister Alexei Moiseev as saying on Friday. “We discussed this at our subcommission, that we will not now, until the situation improves, give permission for the sale of foreign banks’ subsidiaries […]


Google Countersues Dating App Match Group in Fight Over Play Store Policies

Google has sued Match Group Inc., accusing the dating-app service of bad faith dealings and breach of contract in provoking a legal battle over Google Play policies. The Google suit is in response to Match Group having sued the search giant in May, accusing it of having monopolistic billing policies. Google changed some of the […]


Unwanted greyhound weighted down and thrown into canal to die

A greyhound has been found dead in a canal with a sandbag attached to her neck by a length of rope. The RSPCA has launched an investigation into the horrific incident after the female dog was recovered from Beverley Beck, in Yorkshire, on the morning of Saturday, June 18. It comes as the RSPCA launches […]